Real Wealth Income Generator Trade Alert Software Review

Real Wealth Income Generator is a new trading program that comes from Bill Poulos and Profits Run. It’s based on trading “real value” ETFs & stocks like gold, silver, platinum, copper, agriculture, and energy. Three of the methods that Bill’s trade alert software utilizes are the Candlestick Profit Patterns method, Counter trend Profits Method and Cash flow Catalyst Method.

Bill Poulos’ program is based on swing trading so one is able to complete their trades in 20 minutes per day and with an account size of $500 or less. The other benefit of swing trades is that it is much less riskier than day trading and scalping but more profitable than position trading. The program is designed so that both beginner and expert traders can take advantage.

The Real Wealth Income Generator by Bill Poulos is a brand new home study course and trade alert software that focuses on trading markets that represent “real value”.  The Real Wealth Income Generator addresses the following concerns that should be on everyone’s mind these days:

  • The Real Wealth Income Generator strategy recognizes that western governments are “printing money” resulting in out of control sovereign debt, which is leading to double digit inflation at best, and total currency default at worst…
  • For this reason the Real Wealth Income Generator focuses on trading markets that hold “real value” such as gold, silver, platinum, copper, agriculture and energy, as well as “real value” ETFs and stocks …
  • Swing trade “real value” based markets first and foremost for profit, but also as a hedge against higher inflation…

The Real Wealth Income Generator software and training program is scheduled for release in June 2012. The course involves strategies that focus on investments that should make sense in an environment of rising debt within western governments. It essentially teaches best practices for trading assets that tend to hold their value even during times of increasing inflation and currency devaluation.

The Real Wealth Income Generator training and trade alert software offers 3 different trading strategies that can be implemented at the end of the trading day. Trade alerts can be received via text message or email. The home study course includes 6 CD-ROM video tutorials, 6 full-color reference manuals, 3 trading blueprints and a Quick start guide.

  • Automated Software
    • Custom software that spoon feeds trade alerts when a trade has set up and entry should occur
    • Ability to send alerts via email or text message
    • 3 trading methods
    • End-of-day trading
  • The physical home study course
    • 6 CD-ROM video tutorials
    • 6 full-color reference manuals
    • 3 trading blueprints
    • Quick start guide
  • Online group coaching sessions
    • Weekly Direct Access to Bill Poulos and his Trading Team
    • Online Q&A Sessions
  • 24/7 Service and Support
    • One Year of Unlimited Student Email Support
    • Lifetime Access to the Members Website

Want to learn more? Visit Official Real Wealth Income Generator Website Here:

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